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To avoid major repairs, you will need to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance of your home’s gutter system. Below are answers to commonly asked questions that will give you some general useful gutter maintenance tips:

When do you know it’s time to clean the gutters?

You know it is time when there is significant twig, dirt, or debris buildup in your gutters. It is best to schedule a cleaning at the end of each spring and fall season to ensure you are not adding any excess weight to your gutters, putting too much weight on the gutter fasteners causes them to pull away from your house, which is a much bigger problem.

Why do you need to clean your gutters?

Not only can debris put too much strain on your gutters and gutter fasteners, but gutters that aren’t clear will not correctly direct the water that falls on your roof away from your home. Clogged drains can lead to basement leaks, cracked wall foundations, moisture damage to your home’s siding and roof, along with problems.

How do you clean your gutters?

If your gutters are merely full of debris, you will need to schedule your time to manually clear the drains. This can be as simple as using gloves, a water hose, and a ladder, but depending on your home’s structure, it could become quite the time taking the project. And for your safety, make sure you are correctly using a safe and stable ladder.

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