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Among most homeowners, gutters are appreciated but seldom noticed. This can be a problem as time passes and seasons take their toll on a gutter system’s structural integrity. Even though steel and aluminum gutters can last for up to 25 years, and copper can last for up to 60 years, most homeowners only get this type of durability by engaging in timely, year-round maintenance, preferably during the winter and fall seasons.

With all that said, it’s essential to know when a gutter problem can quickly be resolved and how to tell if you need new gutters altogether.

Do I Need My Gutters Repaired or Replaced?

The difference between gutter repair and replacement comes down to the extent of the damage along a given gutter. If the problems are significant and cover significant portions of the gutter, an all-out replacement of the gutter is your best bet. If the issues are small and confined, the existing gutter can probably be retained for the time being with repair work on those troubled spots.

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When gutter problems go beyond the simple fix!

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